The Films

The Sacred Bee

Inspired by the Dover Publication The Sacred Bee in Ancient Times and Folkore by Hilda Ransome, this 4 part film series designed for world religions classes gently unites the world’s major faiths through the paradigm of the honeybee.

Part 1 explains the importance of a sacred attitude, the benefits of having one.  The importance of the bee to human survival as well as the honeybee in the Judaic, Christian and Buddhist traditions.


Part 2 (In production) explores the honeybee in the Islamic, Hindu and the esoteric or hidden traditions.  Here the bees’ longstanding association with the spoken word, poetry, eloquence and wisdom is explained.


Part 3 (In production) compares our democratic society with the honeybee society.


Part 4 (In production) summarizes the film and explores the health and healing benefits of the products of the beehive which is a modern science know as Apitherapy.


Gently woven throughout the film is the honeybee paradigm that offers a unified approach to the study of world religions.