Gently uniting the World's Religions through the Paradigm of the Bee.


Health is wealth it is the basis of all our acquisitions. Apitherapy is healing with bee products and there are many modern scientific studies that verify this age old tradition of wisely using bee products to heal humans and animals. Part 4 of The Sacred Bee Film Series deals with Apitherapy.

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The greatest artist is Nature who paints with her colors, plays music with her natural sounds, and whose Living Book is constantly in a movement of dance and poetry. As our Sacred Bee visits the various spiritual traditions where she or her delicious honey is mentioned Sviatoslava Kolesar an award winning Canadian artist has beautifully captured the honeybee with her original artwork especially commissioned for this film series.

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Built to impress


Come fly with our wonderful bee on a special journey and visit each of the major traditions including the esoteric oneā€¦ and see what each tradition has to say about the honeybee.

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